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The KidsAction Coaching approach provides personalized, child-centered coaching and resources for physical activity practice at home. This evidence-based approach also promotes social interaction and a sense of community among children and families. KidsAction was developed to be complementary to the practices and methods already present.

Programs That Change Lives

Previous research has shown that KidsAction Coaching can increase coach confidence, enhance children’s learning and development, improve health and wellbeing for children with neurodevelopmental and/or intellectual disabilities (NDID) and their families, and develop a stronger sense of community.


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A Unique Approach

KidsAction Coaching was developed based on years of research at UBC to identify the needs of families of children with neurodevelopmental and/or intellectual disabilities (NDID), and those of community-based physical activity programs serving them. KidsAction was developed to support children’s physical and social development, and to benefit their mental and emotional well-being. KidsAction was developed to be complementary to the practices already present in already existing physical activity programs and is offered free of charge.

Passionate about Helping Children

Our team has dedicated years to studying the barriers children and families encounter in physical activity programs, and developing strategies to counteract these barriers to promote improved health and quality of life for children and families in these programs.

Indigenous Cultural Resources

KidsAction Coaching gives special attention to Indigenous cultural needs through a culturally sensitive lens in order to provide extra resources and information for all people.

Training & Resources

KidsAction Coaching provides in-depth training about our approach to support consistency in its delivery, and a high standard of knowledge for coaches, families and organizations.

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