Training Course

Complete our family training course, where you will be introduced to the concept of physical literacy, learn about the KidsAction approach and its benefits, consider Indigenous perspectives, and access practical information to help you make use of KidsAction Coaching.

Resource Library

Access our “KidsAction Resource” library for resources specific to use of the KidsAction Coaching approach. We additionally host a library of “External Resources”. This section includes resources to further learning about physical activity and neurodevelopmental and/or intellectual disabilities (NDIDs). We have also included resources to learn more about Indigenous history, reconciliation, and cultures.

Activity Bank

Browse a bank of over 100 child-friendly physical activities with descriptions, photos, and videos that show you how to do these activities at home.

Activity Selection And Goals

The KidsAction app is currently under development.
Once the app is up and running, you will be able to find the activities that the coach selected for your child, as well as the goals the coach has set for each of those activities.

Ability Online

Access online support forums for kids, teens & young adults, and families of children with various disabilities or health challenges.