Frequently Asked Questions

The coach or trainer at your local physical activity program will assign activities for your child to practice at home. Family members can then access their child’s online space where they can find detailed information and videos about how to practice the activities at home.

Visit How to Get Started for more information.

There will be some minor changes you might notice. In order to assign the right activities for your child, the coach will perform a quick motor assessment to gauge their abilities. Your input will help the coach set realistic goals and choose activities your child will enjoy. The biggest change you may notice is including the home as a place to continue physical activity practice as a way of increasing the benefits for you and your child.

No, participation is entirely voluntary and you can choose to participate in your local physical activity program just as before if you wish. KidsAction is about providing more consistent tools for community programs. There is no requirement to do any of the tasks. The choice to practice at home is entirely yours, however it is encouraged to help your child get the most out of their activities.

Regular physical activity can reduce depression, anxiety, and increase social integration, self-esteem, overall health, and quality of life. Additionally, building family capacity for home-based physical activity will help to sustain health benefits for your child over time. See more Benefits.

Significant impacts for families include improved mental health, social support, and resilience. Impacts may also include increased opportunities for family involvement in physical activity as a part of daily routines, and networking opportunities for families. See more Benefits for your family.

Yes! If you would like to share KidsAction activities and resources with others involved in your child’s care, such as school personnel, out-of-school care staff, or extended family members, you can provide them with the online log-in information or give them a printed copy of your child’s plan.