Training Course

Complete our Organization training course, where you will be introduced to the benefits of physical activity for children with NDID and how the KidsAction approach can be used to support this. You will learn about the core components of KidsAction Coaching, how to support KidsAction from an organizational level, the importance of social interaction and how to foster it, and how to build in an Indigenous-inclusive activity program.

Resources for Organizations

Access our “KidsAction Resources” library for resources specific to use of the KidsAction Coaching approach. We additionally host a library of “External Resources”. This section includes resources to further learning about physical activity and neurodevelopmental and/or intellectual disabilities (NDIDs). We have also included resources to learn more about Indigenous history, reconciliation, and cultures.

Performance Evaluation Module

Coming soon! 

Track the performance and success of KidsAction at your site and inform the progress for each child with our easy-to-use tool, which automatically generates these reports.

Implementation Tips

Coming soon! 

Learn about strategies for successfully integrating KidsAction into your program.