Kids Brain Health Network

The Kids Brain Health Network funded the implementation of KidsAction in urban, rural, and Indigenous communities in BC and at the national level. The first funding was in 2018. Our partnership with Kids Brain Health Network has supported our team in helping prepare and bring to a level needed for our current full-scale implementation.

Bc Ministry of Health

The BC Ministry of Health has funded the implementation of KidsAction in rural and Indigenous communities in BC starting in 2019. This partnership has allowed us to bring KidsAction Coaching to rural and Indigenous programs and aid in the development of new physical activity programs in those communities.

Michael Smith Health Research BC

The Michael Smith Health Research BC has provided our team with funding for conducting research on implementing KidsAction in rural and Indigenous communities in BC starting 2019.

Special Olympics British Columbia

Special Olympics British Columbia is our historical partner, with whom we have implemented KidsAction Coaching at five sites. Special Olympics BC is also supporting our efforts to collect a group of coaches interested in the remote delivery of KidsAction Coaching that has the potential to reach children and families across the country.

Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity & Recreation Council

Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity & Recreation Council (ISPARC) have facilitated engagement activities with the National Association of Indigenous Friendship Centres and the Assembly of First Nations. These associations have connected us with Indigenous communities across Canada, and guide and advise on methods for implementation and evaluation that reflect Indigenous perspectives and preferences.

Centre for Accessible Sport and Play

The Centre for Accessible Sport and Play is a not-for-profit organization committed to finding innovative solutions to low participation rates of children with disabilities in sports, recreation, and play.

logo for centre for accessible sport and play

Other Partners

Special Olympics Canada aims to support national expansion in partnership with provincial SO chapters once the pandemic allows, through in-kind contributions.

ParaSport Ontario: Our Exploration Phase engagement with ParaSport Ontario has led to a formal partnership providing a network with hundreds of physical activity programs in Ontario, their knowledge of the strengths, gaps and infrastructure available to enable KidsAction implementation, and the ParaSport Collective in Ontario. These are strong assets to the project. ParaSport Ontario is actively assisting us with reaching out to community-based physical activity programs that they consider to have strong implementation partnership potential with KidsAction. ParaSport Ontario also supports the refinement of the coaching modules and our overall project directions with the Ontario context in mind.

ParticipACTION aims to promote active living among all Canadians, including children with Neurodevelopmental and/or Intellectual Disabilities (NDID), through impactful engagement initiatives and thought leadership. Their involvement includes supporting national KidsAction Coaching implementation and active participation in all aspects, including serving as a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee. ParticipACTION has committed to disseminating the findings of this work via the ParticipACTION Network comprised of over 4,500 organizations and stakeholders.

Jooay is a free app that helps children with NDID and their families locate accessible, local leisure opportunities that match their needs, abilities, and preferences. Jooay networks and the activities included in the app can help us identify programs for children with NDID across Canada with which to partner on implementation.

Ability Online features a social support network for youth and families of children with disabilities and is also partnering with Dr. Shikako-Thomas on the Jooay project. Ability Online will link to our website on their platform and has offered to include a discussion forum on KidsAction Coaching and physical activity to support youth and family engagement, awareness, and feedback on our program. Dr. Shikako-Thomas’ primary aim is to expand her platform to increase representation across Canada. Partnering to leverage this well-established resource facilitates access to an optimal venue for our community of practice. It also decreases the burden on our team significantly because it already offers sustained moderation for the safety and inclusion of its members.

Sunny Hill Health Centre at BC Children’s Hospital provides expertise in Recreation Therapy. Our partners at Sunny Hill also support connections with community-based physical activity programs and initiatives across Canada through their national networks.