How to Get Started

KidsAction allows parents, caregivers, and other family members to support their child’s physical activity goals at home. Based on our research, KidsAction is expected to improve children’s self-perception, cognition, executive functions, and mental wellness, as well as increase participation in daily life activities, and enhance social integration for both children and parents/caregivers. Below are some major steps of KidsAction in action.

Coaches Select Physical Activities

  • Coaches assess motor skills and assign activities individualized for each child, and create goals that match their ability level.
  • Coaches discuss their selections with a family member to make sure everyone is on the same page.
  • Coaches will provide the physical activity plan in print, email, or through the KidsAction app, based on the preferences and needs of the family and program.

Families Access Activities & Goals

  • Share any information you would like with the coach to help them set goals and select activities your child will enjoy.
  • Families use the Activity Bank to find their child’s selected activities and goals.

Track Home-Based Practice

  • Practice the activities at home with your child using the description of the activity and videos/pictures as needed.
  • Record each practice session to track progress and earn rewards.
  • Check in with your coach with any questions, concerns, or feedback about your child’s plan.

Parents and Children Socialize

  • Children socialize through group activities
  • Parents socialize through supported networking opportunities