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Clean Up


kicking a ball, lower limb coordination, balance, visual processing, selective attention, auditory processing, taking turns

Number of participants:

group of 8-12


6+ medium-sized balls


  1. two teams are divided by a line in the middle, and all balls start on one team’s side of the field
  2. when the instructor gives a signal, that team starts kicking the balls to the other side as quickly as possible over the line
  3. the receiving team tries to retrieve and kick to return the balls as quickly as possible.

Modifications to make the activity easier:

  • use a larger, lighter ball (i.e., beach ball)
  • have the child stop the ball with their foot before kicking it

Modifications to make the activity harder:

  • have the child run and kick the ball

SMART goal examples:

  • child is able to kick 10 balls over the center line in 1 minute
  • child is able to return 10 balls over the center line in 2 minutes

Video/image coming soon.