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Wiggly Snake


Physical: balance, upper and lower limb coordination

Cognitive: sustained attention, visual processing

Social: awareness of personal space

Number of participants:

3 or more


  • skipping rope


  1. two children hold each end of a long skipping rope
  2. from a kneeling or sitting position, the rope holders jiggle in different ways – side to side, up and down, etc.
  3. other players try to jump over the rope without touching it

You can also tie the rope to a chair or door handle if not enough children are available

Modifications to make the activity easier:

Change the environment: give a verbal warning before changing the way the rope is jiggled (i.e., from side-to-side to up/down) to decrease cognitive demand

Change the task: allow the child to step over the rope to decrease physical demand

Modifications to make the activity harder:

Change the environment: have the child try the activity on a softer surface (i.e., grassy field) to increase physical demand

Change the task: have the child jump over the rope side-to-side (rather than back-to-front) to increase physical and cognitive demand

Goal examples:

  • the child will be able to jump over the rope, 10 times in a row
  • I can work together with one of my friends to hold the rope and move it in various motions

Activity adapted from video above.