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Adaptive Sports Sun Peaks: Motor Skills Check-In Cards

11 pocket-sized pages, double-sided, laminated and bound by book ring.

Each Motor Skill Check-In deck includes:

  • How to use & Helpful tips cards
  • 4 Adaptation Cards (auditory, visual, vestibular and participation/ overwhelm)
  • Warm Up/ Cool Down ideas
  • 4 Motor Skills Check-In Areas (7 separate activities) including the criteria for scoring the child’s skill level (from 1 to 5, or Not Applicable).
  • Set up, coaching instruction, adaptations and the corresponding home-based activity section at

Coaches have the option to choose how many motor skills they would like to address during the check-in. After the first ski lesson, Coaches will enter the child’s scores in the AASP Instructor’s log, select activities for home practice to target one or more area of growth, and write down goals for the child to take home the in the Adaptive Sports Sticker Chart Booklet.

Please note that these check-in cards have been developed in partnership with ASSP for use on the ski hill. You will receive a full set of ski specific cards to use that match these cards, but that have been printed on easy-to-use index cards. The other check-in cards you see on the KidsAction website have been designed for gym-based physical activity programs.

If you are printing and preparing this resource:

  1. Print file double-sided
  2. Cut out the cards
  3. Laminate (alternative: Packing tape)
  4. Use a hole punch on the top corner of each card
  5. Use a book ring to bind cards together