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Letter Recognition Toe Tap


Physical: lower limb coordination, one-foot balance

Cognitive: sustained attention, selective attention

Social: awareness of personal space if doing with other children

Number of participants:



target for the child to tap on the wall


  1. child stands on one foot and then uses their other foot to tap a letter called out by the coach without losing their balance and without putting weight on the wall
  2. have child repeat by touching other letters on the wall

Modifications to make the activity easier:

Change the environment:

  • have the child stand closer to the wall to decrease physical demand
  • allow the child to hold onto your hand or a chair when tapping a letter to decrease physical demand

Change the task:

  • have the child hold their arms out to the side to decrease physical demand
  • have the child choose which letter they want to tap rather than the adult dictate which letter to tap to decrease cognitive demand

Modifications to make the activity harder:

Change the environment: have the child tap a letter or target that is further, higher, or lower to increase physical demand

Change the task: increase the time child needs to maintain balance on one leg to increase physical demand

Goal examples:

  • the child touches 5 different letters while balancing on one foot without wobbling for 10 seconds
  • I can touch one foot to the correct picture (animal/ shapes) while balancing on the other foot

Activity adapted from video above.