gross motor skill, upper limb coordination, hand-eye coordination, visual perception, sustained attention, selective attention, reaction time, decision making, teamwork

Number of participants:

four or more


  • ball
  • stick
  • cones or net


  1. children “push pass” the ball to their team mates (with only one or two touches of the ball) while trying to keep the ball away from the other team
  2. attempt to score by putting the ball between the cones or in the net

Modifications to make the activity easier:

  • allow child to catch the ball with their hand for a certain number of times
  • play with a smaller number of children
  • cue the child on where to pass the ball
  • play in a smaller field of play
  • use a bigger, lighter ball (i.e., beach ball)
  • use a shorter stick

Modifications to make the activity harder:

  • only allow one touch of the ball
  • play with more children
  • use a smaller ball

SMART goal examples:

  • child is able to strike an incoming ball that comes for 4 out of 5 tries
  • child will show readiness to pass the ball (e.g., hands/stick ready, eyes on the ball) for 4 out of 5 turns