The aims of this 3-4 hour online course are to help parents and caregivers of children with NDID learn about:

  • Benefits of physical activity for children with NDID and how the KidsAction approach can be used to support children’s physical literacy.
  • The core components of KidsAction and how parents and caregivers can work with a coach who is using the KidsAction approach as part of a community program. Families will also learn about using KidsAction to enhance physical activity for their children in the home, along with ideas for promoting positive behaviors.
  • The importance of social interaction within physical activities for children with NDID, and ways that families can support social connections for children during physical activities. Families will also learn about the importance of fostering social connections for themselves, along with suggestions for building their support networks.
  • The importance of building Indigenous inclusive approaches into physical activity programs for children with NDID, and ideas for including culturally meaningful physical activities for families and their children.