Inuit Blanket Toss


Physical: upper limb coordination, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skill

Cognitive: selective attention, visual processing

Social: turn taking, team work

Number of participants:

5 or more


  • 5-10 balls
  • 1-3 large blankets or parachutes


  1. divide the children into 2 groups (throwers and catchers)
  2. the throwers hold onto the edges of the blanket
  3. the catchers scatter a distance away and prepare to catch the tossed ball
  4. throwers must work together to catch the tossed ball
  5. throwers must work together to send the ball at an appropriate height for the catchers to catch
  6. children change roles

Modifications to make the activity easier:

Change the environment: have the children play in a smaller space to decrease physical demand

Modifications to make the activity harder:

Change the task: increase the number of children to increase social demand

Change the equipment: have the throwers toss more than one ball at a time so the catchers need to catch more than one ball to increase physical and cognitive demand

Goal examples:

  • the child is able to catch 2 consecutive balls tossed in the air by the throwers
  • I can catch and throw the ball to my friends

video/picture coming soon