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Follow the Leader


Physical: upper and lower limb coordination, reaction time, gross motor skill, balance

Cognitive: sustained attention, selective attention

Social: taking turns (if doing activity with more than one person)

Number of participants:

one or more


hula hoops, jump rope, pylons, mats


  1. child follows their parent or coach along a series of obstacles (e.g., rings on the floor, crawling under a hurdle, etc.)

Adaptations for Wheelchair Users:

Space obstacles further apart so that there is enough space for children in wheelchairs to maneuvour through them when following the leader.

Modifications to make the activity easier:

Change the environment:

  • have fewer obstacles in the activity to decrease physical deamnd
  • have the child hold onto a parent or adult during the activity to decrease physical demand

Modifications to make the activity harder:

Change the environment: increase the number of obstacles in the activity to increase physical demand 

Change the task: run through obstacles to increase physical and cognitive demand 

Goal examples:

  • the child will be able to clear 5 obstacles in 2 minutes
  • I can complete the jumping obstacles with my friend