Double Ball


Physical: hand-eye coordination, lower limb coordination, upper/lower limb coordination

Cognitive: sustained attention, selective attention, visual processing

Social: teamwork

Number of participants:

2 or more


  • 1 kickable ball and 3 floor markers per pair
  • 2 goals total


  1. divide playing area into 2 quadrants and set up a goal on each side
  2. pairs face each other with floor markers evenly spaced between them
  3. the child closest to the goal begins with the ball
  4. signal them to weave around the floor markers to practice dribbling with their feet while maintaining control of the ball
  5. when the child reaches their partner, they stop the ball
  6. their partner dribbles the ball to return to the starting position and sends the ball into the goal
  7. retrieve the ball and repeat, alternating which child dribbles first

* this activity can be adapted to practice hand dribbling through cones, rather than foot dribbling


Double Ball was typically played by women in open fields and came from the First Nations culture. Equipment included two balls attached with a thong and long curved sticks. Different cultures used different materials based on what was available. Plains Cree made the double ball out of deerskin stuffed with buffalo hair. The goal of the game was to send the Double Ball into the other team’s goal.

Modifications to make the activity easier:

Change the environment: place cones further apart so child has more space to dribble the ball between to decrease physical demand 

Change the task: have the child stop the ball with their hands to decrease physical demand 

Modifications to make the activity harder:

Change the environment: put a limit on the time that the child has to dribble the ball to their partner to increase physical and cognitive demand

Change the task: have the child stop the ball with their non-dominant foot to increase physical and cognitive demand

Goal examples:

  • I will be able to dribble the ball a distance of 5m to my partner and successfully stop the ball with my foot
  • I can dribble the ball to my friend and stop it in front of them

Video/image coming soon.