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Beanbag Scramble


Physical: agility, balance, gross motor skill, coordination

Cognitive: sustained attention, selective attention, visual processing

Social: turn taking

Number of participants:

4 or more


  • large number of beanbags (10+)
  • 3+ hula hoops


  1. one hula hoop with all the beanbags is placed in the middle
  2. the other hula hoops are placed at an equal distance from the center hula hoop
  3. each team is assigned a hoop (home hoop) and are instructed to bring bean bags, one at a time, from the center hoop to their “home hoop”
  4. members on a team take turns running from the center hoop to their “home hoop”

Adaptations for Wheelchair Users:

Children who are using wheelchairs can practice wheeling with the beanbag in their lap.

Modifications to make the activity easier:

Change the environment: decrease the distance from the center hoop to “home hoop” to decrease physical demand

Change the task: cue child before giving the signal to start running (i.e., ready, set, run) to decrease cognitive demand

Modifications to make the activity harder:

Change the equipment: use larger bean bags to increase physical demand

Change the task:

  • have the child complete the activity while balancing a beanbag on their head to increase physical and cognitive demand 
  • have the child walk faster/run or hop on one (or two) feet to increase physical demand

Goal examples:

  • by the end of the program, the child will be able to bring at least 5 beanbags from the center hoop to their “home hoop”
  • I can take turns with my friends and cheer them on during their turn