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Badminton Pass


Physical: accuracy, agility, power, hand-eye coordination, reaction time

Cognitive: visual processing, sustained attention, selective attention

Social: taking turns

Number of participants:

2 or more


  • 1 badminton racquet per child
  • 1 birdie per pair


  1. child uses a badminton racquet to hit the birdie to the other child

Modifications to make the activity easier:

Change the task: have the child practice just catching the birdie on their racket to decrease physical demand

Change the equipment: have the child use a balloon for the activity to decrease physical and cognitive demand

Modifications to make the activity harder:

Change the task:

  • have the child tap the birdie in the air repeatedly to increase physical and cognitive demand
  • have the child tap the birdie in the air twice before passing to increase physical, cognitive and social demand 

Goal examples:

  • the child will show readiness to return the birdie to their friend (e.g., having racquet ready, tracking the birdie, moving toward to the birdie), 8 out of 10 times
  • I can hit the birdie with my racket