Back Slap Race


Physical: agility, balance, lower extremity coordination

Cognitive: visual processing, selective attention, sustained attention, divided attention

Social: teamwork

Number of participants:

three or more


masking tape (or other means) to mark a square perimeter on the floor, a few metres apart


  1. runners position themselves in opposite corners of the marked course
  2. coach signals children to start running
  3. first child to tap another child on the back is declared the winner
  4. repeat


A traditional Indigenous game of the Dene people. They would play this game to test their endurance, speed, and agility as it was essential for hunters.

Modifications to make the activity easier:

Change the equipment: use bright tape, cones or other raised surface to mark the square to decrease cognitive demand

Change the environment: decrease perimeter of the activity area to decrease physical demand

Change the task: decrease time of performing the activity to decrease physical demand

Modifications to make the activity harder:

Change the environment: add obstacles to increase physical and cognitive demand

Change the equipment: increase the perimeter of the activity area to increase physical demand

Change the task: have children hop on one foot or two feet when tagging someone to increase physical demand

Goal examples:

  • child displays good sportsmanship once tagged (e.g., does not get upset if they do not win), 4 out of 5 times
  • can follow the rules of the game and have fun with my friends