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Adaptive Sports Sun Peaks: Sticker Chart Booklet

3 pocket-sized pages, double-sided, laminated and bound by book ring.

Each Sticker Chart Booklet includes:

  • Section for Participant’s name
  • The 4 Skill Areas included in the Motor Skills Check-In Cards
  • Section for Skill Area(s) selected by Coach for each Participant
  • 5 Physical Activity Cards (Coaches can choose between 1-5 home-based activities for each participant)
  • Section for goal assigned to each activity
  • Five-week grid area (numbered 1-5 along left side) for daily home-based tracking

The Sticker Chart Booklet is used to record home-based practice and will be provided to each Participant by their Coach. After Coaches have conducted the Motor Skills Check-In, the skill area or areas selected for each Participant can be recorded on the first page of this sticker chart resource. On the following pages, Coaches will determine how many home-based activities each Participant is assigned (between 1-5) by writing down the specific activities and the corresponding goal on each page. Participants will then use stickers within the grid area to indicate what days these activities were done at home over the 5-week program duration.

If you are printing and preparing this resource:

  1. Print file double-sided
  2. Cut out the cards
  3. Laminate (alternative: Packing tape)
  4. Use a hole punch on the top corner of each card
  5. Use a book ring to bind cards together